ilan Laks


ilan is an artist, teacher, husband, and father of two girls. He lives in SouthEast Portland, Oregon.

His art has shown in galleries nationally and internationally. 

ilan’s large, non-representational pieces are part of numerous public and private collections. 

He has created countless murals, posters, album covers, logos, and flyers.

He has taught art to all age groups, in schools, camps, and privately. 

He was the founder and director of AudioCinema in Portland Oregon, 

Robertson Art Space (RAS) in Los Angeles,

and one of the founders of Downtown Artist Development Association (DADA) in Los Angeles. ilan has a BFA in painting from San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI), where he worked closely with Bruce McGaw, Dewey Crumpler, and Jeremy Morgan, each masters in their respective styles.