ilan paints on custom made birch panels of his own design that are sealed 9 times front and back. Next he paints over the prepared panels using
acrylic, ink, car paint, raw pigment, spray paint, marble, gold and mica dust, wax
and many more mixed media materials. He smooths the surface
until all the depth and texture is painted and not sculptural. All the depth, light, and movement
in the pieces are behind the plane, giving the paintings a supple and sophisticated surface.
The strata allow light to enter behind the often translucent, metallic-painted layers.
This allows the pieces to glow, even in relatively low light.
Laks' process is executed in a custom built studio and spray room with special exhaust system.
He wears a respirator mask, gloves, goggles, and jumpsuit.
On Completion of each layer, the panel is photographed in the artist's self constructed,
one of a kind, full spectrum light box.
This process allows him to create paintings that extend in any direction as far as needed,
with marks that travel farther than seemingly possible. When the piece is completed,
it is sealed front and back over and over, sanded each time. The resulting piece is a non-fading,
permanent, scratch and dirt resisting, weather proof, interior/ exterior painting of any size.